About us

Welcome to us at the Budo Zen Center


Here we train classic karate in its most traditional form. Personal and familiar. Karate means empty hand and stands for unarmed or peaceful, Budo usually martial arts actually means "way of the peaceful warrior" and should be interpreted as follows. 

A person who, on his journey in life, has understood that the most difficult opponent is "himself" and therefore fights his inner contradictions with the aim of overcoming them, not winning over others. Zen is a form of meditation with roots in the Indian monk Bodhidharma who lived and worked at the Shaolin Temple in northern China. His teaching, beyond words and concepts, appeals to insights from one's own experience born out of meditation or zazen (sitting in Zen). Dojo should be interpreted as a very special place where we practice "mindfulness" based on our spiritual and physical conditions. 

We develop presence, attention and alertness which in turn leads to peace of mind. At Budo Zen Center we have two dojos.     One for "stillness in activity" or classical karate, as well as one suitable for "active stillness" zazen. Budo Zen Center is the headquarters in Sweden for the International Okinawa Goju ryu Karate Do Federation, (IOGKF). Come in and try out for free with us. Welcome!